Megeso Kou speaking at Wailua

Garden Island 1/28/17

Garden Island: 80 gather to protest removal from Coco Palms site, but no law enforcement shows


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Coco Palmsʻ Massive Displacement Plans

Coco Palms Hui plans to bring 172 wealthy investors from foreign countries (some of them possibly drug cartel) to Kauaʻi for $500,000 Green Cards.  This is CONFIRMED -- see EB-5 application link below.  As if the traffic they would cause is not enough!  
Miki Miller Coco Palms Hyatt Resort developers solicited investment loans of $500,000 each from as many as 172 wealthy Foreign Nationals, in exchange for automatic Green Cards and a direct path to U.S. Citizenship for these rich investors and each of their family members. This EB-5 Visas are often referred to as “Golden Visas’ for this reason. 
This Coco Palms Application, in the link below, shows how $86 million (2/3’s of the budget) for the 12,000 sq.’ Hyatt Resort was being raised through wealthy Foreign Nationals in exchange for Green Cards and a path to U.S. Citizenship for them and their family.
These types of insured $500,000 ‘investment loans’ from wealthy foreign investors are happening all over Kaua`i, Hawai`i, and the United S…

Post-Court Interview with Noa Mau-Espiritu

Noa Mau-Espiritu, caretaker of Wailuanuiahoano, talks about some of the laws that the courts are breaking in his case for continued mālama of his ancestral lands.

Malama Aina with 2Villa Tree Trimming

Big mahalo 2 VILLA TREE TRIMMING for helping us kanaka restore and aloha our ancestral family lands

Wailuanuiaho‘anō Video by Oren Tsutsumi


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in sacredness, Kanaka revitalize the 'āina on Moku o Kaua'i in the Ahupua'a of Wailua . in Wailuanuiaho'anō, many are now, care taking this place and nearby sacred places . they share their Mana'o and Mo'ōlelo of what this place is and how it is like and connected to so many other places . Wailuanuiaho'anō is mauka of the old Coco Palms hotel which was destroyed by Hurricane Iniki in 1992 

Ho'opae Pono Peace Project

see as well

in direct action and through living of their philosophies, Kanaka help in caretaking and being . together, all across the world they kokua and share the history and stories there in connectedness to a whole

Ka'iulani Mahuka

Wailua YouTube Documentary

Documentary Video by Oren Tsutsumi - mahalo!

Front Page: Eviction Motion Denied, Group occupying Coco Palms will continue to be on property

Eviction Denied: Group occupying Coco Palms will continue to be on property
Noa & Kamu @ Court Posted: Thursday, May 18, 2017 2:00 am Alden Alayvilla - The Garden Island | 7 comments LIHUE — A motion that would have ordered two Hawaiians — who claim 17 acres of Wailua land as theirs via royal patent — to stay away from property was denied by a Fifth Circuit judge Wednesday. Judge Michael Soong denied the motion, citing the ex parte to remove the defendants from Coco Palms property circumvents a civil process that would prove clear ownership of the property. “I’m not making a determination that anybody is the owner of the property,” Soong said. “What I’m telling the parties is there’s not enough information at this point to make that determination.” The state filed the motion against Noa Mau-Espirito and Charles Hepa, claiming the defendants have been trespassing since March 17. But in an earlier interview, Mau-Espirito said he claimed the Wailua property in spring 2016. Mau-Espirit…