Wailuanuiaho‘anō Video by Oren Tsutsumi


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in sacredness, Kanaka revitalize the 'āina on Moku o Kaua'i in the Ahupua'a of Wailua . in Wailuanuiaho'anō, many are now, care taking this place and nearby sacred places . they share their Mana'o and Mo'ōlelo of what this place is and how it is like and connected to so many other places . Wailuanuiaho'anō is mauka of the old Coco Palms hotel which was destroyed by Hurricane Iniki in 1992 

Ho'opae Pono Peace Project http://eapono.blogspot.com/2017/04/kauai-report-wailua-and-wainiha.html

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in direct action and through living of their philosophies, Kanaka help in caretaking and being . together, all across the world they kokua and share the history and stories there in connectedness to a whole

Ka'iulani Mahuka

Jesse Steele

Wailua Hui channel edited and videod by Laulani Teale

Kalama O Ka Aina

from Ho'opae Pono Peace Project http://eapono.blogspot.com/2017/04/kauai-report-wailua-and-wainiha.html

"Noa Mau-Espiritu, a young kalo planter who had studied ʻōlelo Hawaiʻi since childhood in Kauaʻi immersion schools, researched his genealogy and the land histories of the area, and found a strong link to the land in the area.  He and a few others cleared the overgrown road by hand, and began to actively care for the burials and native species in the area.  Noa planted a large garden with kalo, lau pele, rare bananas and other cultural plants, and began to monitor and guard native waterbirds and other fragile species.  Kanaka of the ahupuaʻa, many of them formerly houseless, and descendants of Kauaʻi royalty such as the Kamualiʻi and Kapule lines, began to join in his work and caretakership.  They came to live on their respective ancestral lands, cleaned out invasive grasses, hauled away tons of hotel trash and broken furniture, and began to work together as a community.

Noa also began to clean and caretake the nearby heiau complex of  Ka Lae o ka Manu.  He hauled out trash and cleared weeds.  He and the families began to work on the restoration of the waterways, filling old boats with trash from the river.

Not everyone was happy with this new, assertive revitalization of kanaka culture.  Noa has been threatened, and told that his claims were worthless.  While some police and government officials have strived for fairness, there is great pressure from corporate interests involved, such as the Hyatt.  Local business interests -- some lawful and some otherwise -- have also expressed aggression in varying degrees.  The County of Kauaʻi has contemplated the building of a bypass road next to the master auwai, which would pollute and destroy the ancient water flow."

Kanaka there were warned and charged with trespass . a judge recently dismissed these charges and it is considered a civil matter currently being held in the courts

mahalo nui loa
Oren Tsutsumi